Becoming a personal dynamo

Roxana Kia offers 5 different kinds of face-to-face sessions, specially designed to boost your personal impact.

All of them bring you rapid-impact, “rock your world” personal progress that leapfrogs you to new capabilities. These will ripple through your surroundings with surprisingly powerful knock-on effects on your projected presence and on your colleagues, your family and the company or organisation you work in – or are in charge of.

New contexts, new requirements
New technologies and new ways of doing business often involve rapidly shifting set-ups heavily dependent on dynamic individuals in constantly changing teams.

Your impact in such fluid constellations depends a lot on how well and how clearly you can put across your ideas and your intentions – and how other people react to your contributions. Suddenly your personal resonance and communicative presence can be decisive for your entrepreneurial, artistic and executive clout.

The question is what to do about this.

Explore the type of Roxana Kia session that best suits you by clicking on one of the pictures.