Kia Alumni opens for signups in the beginning of 2017.

You can become a member of the Kia Alumni, if you have participated in Roxana Kia’s courses, programs or retreats.

Kia Alumni is membership based with an annual membership fee.

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Kia Alumni – an exclusive community of practice

Being a member of the Kia Alumni gives you access to participate in the on-going alumni program with training in exclusive groups, events and master classes during the year with Roxana Kia, in which you can continue practicing your tools and build your competencies. Specialized tools are trained as well as individual challenges, for instance a specific keynote speak or presentation you need to have tuned. You will both be part of an intimate, confidential group as well as the larger alumni network for inspiring, on-going training.

A powerful performer becomes strong through practice. It’s like playing an instrument. You are your own instrument – and you play it yourself. To play brilliantly and truly create resonance in the audience, either as a soloist or in an orchestra, you need to practice. Even the best performer and executives hone their skills through continuous practice. Roxana trains many such top-performers, and with the Alumni, Roxana will use her experiences with continuous practice in a club-format making it accessible to all.

Learn from peers
Alumni members are matched in small training groups. In the group you will get intimate insights into each member’s unique resources and will exchange experiences and knowledge with other leaders and performers.

Train with Roxana and participate in events
As a member you get access to events and master classes with Roxana Kia, further developing your personal tools and strengths.

Train personally and concretely
I Kia Alumni you can train you tools for more authentic, secure and impact creating communication. And you can optimize specific presentations, speeches and other performances.

Get inspired
From the Alumni workshops and on the online platform, you will receive lots of inspiration to yourself, to your company and to your employees.