When presenting – be generous!

Roxana Kia on her mission. There's a great misunderstanding in the Danish business arena. There's a dominant culture that presenting professionally means being data-based, serious, wordy, unpersonal and without body language. In other words: boring. That it's all about the powerpoints, information and the great amount of words. It couldn't be more wrong. It's deeply ineffective and [...]

2021-11-13T20:52:11+01:00The power of Presence|

Stage-effect in communication: It’s all about energy

Presence is the one and only quality you cannot avoid bringing to the stage when communicating authentically. It is a basic requirement for the audience’s experience of your credibility as a speaker. My experience as a trainer and an expert in authentic communication is that only very few speakers and leaders can truly activate this basic knowing in practice. Things such [...]

Take time as a speaker and open space for the listeners

Most people try to squeeze as much information in as possible in as short time as possible when presenting or communicating. They forget the most important fuel to words: The pause. The silence. The space. The seed for movement lies in the silent space. It gives the speaker time to access his or her relationship to the core message or [...]


The precious moment: Communicate from appreciative presence

Each moment is a moment of life. Each breath is one more breath of life. It is precious. Every moment. When we communicate, do we take that into consideration? That in that moment, just that moment, we are spending time together with an audience, that has chosen to share that precious moment with us? Ignite, move and engage If we [...]

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