Each moment is a moment of life. Each breath is one more breath of life. It is precious. Every moment. When we communicate, do we take that into consideration? That in that moment, just that moment, we are spending time together with an audience, that has chosen to share that precious moment with us?

Ignite, move and engage

If we really take that in, how would we walk, how would we talk, how would we be and what would be important to convey? As speakers, we have the unique opportunity to create stories that move, ignite, engage, inspire. We have that moment, right in front of us. And it is only, and only, in the moment this can be done. This is when the speech or presentation becomes an art and not just a delivery. It is here the magic lies: in the understanding of preciousness. In this way, it awakens a sense of urgency or meaningfulness; that this moment is important and can become extraordinary. It is a matter of choice.

To get there, we need to bring ourselves fully and truly to that precise moment with a sense of appreciation. We also need to bring the audience to that moment and invite them in to be present. This is the presence of being and connecting. Without this, the moment will not be embodied, it will be lost in the thoughts or emotions wandering and pulling us away from the now. It is about sharing from wholeness – with heart, body, mind and spirit in full play. These are the four dimensions of reality that all humans connect to in the present.

The illusions of communication

Many speakers are occupied with what to say, how to say what they are to say, remember what to say, how to get the technique to function, how to deliver a lot of information, sometimes complex and full of data, how to get rid of nervousness or other personal issues. Focus goes away from the preciousness of the moment into worries or one-way delivery. This will never create a captivating speech.

Prepare for the now

Preparation for being fully present in the preciousness of the moment is the outmost important approach you can have as a speaker. No technique can override this powerful state. Because everything is always being created in the moment. So is the speech, the connection, the story, and the relationship. It is like a breath, a moment of life. Take it and create a world of adventure and inspiration through your speech.