For communicators, leaders and performers: a 2-day course to enhance your authentic impact in the spotlight

Date(s) - 05/10/2021 - 06/10/2021
09:30 - 17:30

Tårnet, Skabelonloftet
Refshalevej 167 F, 1432 København K


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Powerful communication
is personal

In the short term manipulation and the normal tricks of the trade usually work fairly well as communication tools when you’re “on stage” and otherwise in the spotlight. In the long run, however, it’s always authenticity and inspirational touches that win the hearts and minds of an audience.

Powerful, authentic personal communication is about releasing yourself from limitations so you can easily access your innate communicative power. Using these innate wells of strength and resources taps into the authentic voice of the speaker. When your presence and expression are rooted in this kind of authenticity, your focus shifts from yourself to the audience – right where that focus really should be.

The course

Your authentic presence is a key asset for achieving high-impact personal communication. In this two-day course with Roxana Kia, you learn how to bring your unique presence and your distinctive traits to the stage or podium, and you’ll experience a breakthrough in your ability to communicate once there.

Forget about photocopies, PowerPoint presentations and traditional lectures. This course helps awaken what really matters in communication – your presence, your energy, your passion and your interest in those listening to what you have to say.

You may not be entirely aware of them, but you yourself already have an abundance of innate resources, ready to be selected and applied in your personal communication efforts. During the two days, we pick some important ones that you can use immediately.

We work with

  • Cognitive psychology exercises. Learn how to handle nervousness or stage fright.
  • Body language exercises. Become more aware of the non-verbal signals you send – and the effect they have.
  • Voice training exercises. You learn to talk with greater variety and strength.
  • Personal communication style. A unique combination of highly effective techniques that strengthen and revitalise your communication capabilities.
  • Group exercises. Practical training in communication on stage. Get personal feedback from Roxana and the others in the group.
  • Energy on stage. How to vary and activate different energies.

Roxana Kia guides you through a personalised boot camp that’ll bring out your unique voice, make you find the oomph you didn’t even know you had, and radically increase your authenticity and ability to engage when you’re in the spotlight.

The result

You acquire personal-to-you tools that you can implement in your communication the next day, and that are guaranteed to make a difference.

  • A breakthrough in whatever need or challenge you may have in your communication
  • Simple tools to release the brains creative potentials in communication in order to improvise, be present & deal with challenges
  • Methods on how to influence others with own state of mind, attitude and behavior
  • A clear to prepare your inner state for executive presence, calmness and focus
  • Tools on how to improve contact with listeners
  • Specific and high-effective techniques to acces a well-founded voice and powerful body language
  • Three personal tools to develop and strengthen your unique and authentic communication style

Active stage training is a prominent feature. This means you come up on stage, and receive an individual session with Roxana Kia as well as direct feedback from the other members of the group.