A one-year course in authentic communication.
Develop, deploy and refine your in-the-spotlight communication – as a speaker, leader or presenter.

Date(s) - 17/04/2020 - 14/01/2021
09:30 - 17:30

Serridslevvej 2, 2100 Copenhagen


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Nobody dreams of ordinary

Your personal presence is the strongest asset you have as a communicator, when you make presentations, when you hold meetings or when you engage in professional negotiations.

As a presenter, you should always have a heightened presence that makes you stand out from the crowd, and from those whose basic role is to “receive”. This course helps you create maximum stage effect – the ability to consciously activate your presence with a strong sense of integrity and calmness.

Stage effect manifests itself as a heightened presence that captures people’s attention and makes them want to hear more. It inspires and mesmerises them as well as opening the door to each listener’s natural curiosity.

We all have unique innate resources that can be brought into play and applied to create this kind of an experience. Roxana Kia finds a natural, motivating way into your personal form of natural expression – delving into authentic personal resources that make you shine when you’re in the spotlight, on stage or need to perform in any other way.

The course

This is a one-year in-depth course focused on authentic communication. Entry to this course requires you to have attended the “Impact Communicator Training 1” course.

This is far from conventional training in presentation technique. This modular course allows you to be who you really are and use this core realisation in a dynamic, creative way to really capture your audience’s attention, so that you become heard, seen and felt as a speaker, leader or presenter.

The course consists of 9 separate and distinctive one-day modules, each lasting with one day. In between each module, you receive specific exercises to practice. This ensures a well-founded personal communication style.


Module 1 – Removing obstacles
Eliminating the main obstacles hindering you from truly shining when you’re “on stage” or in the spotlight in any other key context. This makes it possible to establish a new basis for your true expression, so that you can unfold and grow in your personal communication and mode of expression. It is the first step towards freedom in authentic communication and a clear sense of your ability to create trust and belief.

Module 2 – Improvisation
We confront the beliefs and challenges that hold you back, boosting your courage and your capacity to open up to improvisation, letting go, acting in the now and actively working with the energies present. This is how you open up for a range of new “tones” in your personal communication.

Module 3 – Emotionality
You learn how to access and activate different emotional keys to play upon, evoking your ability to fire people up emotionally, and to connect to deeper values.

Module 4 – Core message
Reaching your target audience in the core of their true needs and dreams is a high art of performance. You learn about a structured tool that helps you identify which kind of core message will have the most powerful, authentic impact on your target group, and how to direct this. You also learn how to capture the audience’s attention in a mere 10 seconds, and how to end with a sense of impact.

Module 5 – Handling resistance
How do you deal with resistance, scepticism or challenging questions from the audience? How do you react to such things and use them as a resource that can contribute to your own performance? You learn how to meet on-stage challenges with calmness, integrity, humour and respect.

Module 6 – Storytelling
Build a dynamic presence in communication. You learn how to balance the validation of logic, meaning and data in your performance with the richness of storytelling. You also learn to reach different types of people and how to talk on different communication levels.

Module 7 – The authentic voice
Working with a voice expert, you learn simple techniques for unleashing your unique tone and style of voice. You learn how to loosen tensions and how to speak with a full-bodied voice.

Module 8 – Impact
Learn techniques for introducing and applying metaphors, pictures, humour and vitality to your performance. You learn how to employ your heightened presence and raise the level of your passion to create a powerful, memorable stage effect.

Module 9 – Bringing it all together
Using all the techniques and inspiration from the programme, you make a final presentation performance, receive an evaluation from both Roxana and the other members of your group, and are presented with a diploma.

Your outcome

  • Specific, customised-for-you tools that bring out your originality and authenticity
  • Practical techniques to help you deal with nervousness, resistance and unforeseen challenges
  • A clear plan for how to get a core message across to a specific target group
  • Techniques to open up for your natural humour and sense of improvising
  • Hands-on methods about presence and how to establish a good contact with your audience
  • Training in how to interact with different types of listeners
  • Direct access to your heart, mind, body and spirit in communication
  • Techniques to ensure balance in delivering data, information, stories and metaphors in a compelling way

Every module includes active stage training as a prominent feature.

This means you come up on stage, and receive an individual session with Roxana Kia as well as direct feedback from the other members of the group.