3-day course focused on credible, high-impact leadership with a clear, visible purpose.
Discover, reinforce and revitalise the purpose and intentions behind your leadership capabilities.

Date(s) - 15/09/2021 - 17/09/2021
09:30 - 17:30

Tårnet, Skabelonloftet
Refshalevej 167 F, 1432 København K


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Purpose-driven leadership

A three-day depth-focused course in which Roxana Kia guides you to your deeper leadership purpose – your “Why”.

The purpose goes beyond your values – it is what gives meaning to everything you do – on personal, family and professional levels.

It involves revealing and grasping an inner personal compass that you can use to navigate through the fog of complexity and to guide your actions in the world.

It is a personal compass that enables you to make clear, authentic decisions, and from which your unique leadership style, your priorities and your contributions all derive, raising your impact.

A leader who operates on the basis of his or her own personal energies, convictions and objectives is able to act with exceptional clarity and purpose, build authentic communication, and establish trust.

Such a leader, executive or organisational dynamo becomes a lighthouse and a magnet for what other people dream about and wish to get involved with. The magnetic attraction and capabilities of such a person help build a greater following. Such a leader transitions from merely being a manager to filling out the role as a trustworthy, clear and strong leader or motivational force.

Before the course
Before the course starts, each participant receives a reflection-based questionnaire to fill out. Your responses will be used as a basis for exploring your deeper purpose.

The course
The first two days are all about searching for the deeper purpose. This will be done from many different angles, as through effective coaching, reflections and exercises (both individually and with the other course participants), to ensure that what you discover, identify and reveal is sincere, genuine and personal.

The second day ends with everybody having a formulated purpose statement deeply connected to a meaningful driving force for their personal leadership.

On the third day, each person’s purpose statement will be tested and evaluated, and each participant will be guided to communicate on the basis of this new purpose, with a story intended to impact, inspire and move each member of the group.

After the course
You will have defined and formulated your deeper inner purpose.

You will be able to use this as a qualitative soundboard for your direction and path as a leader.

The next step will be to explore how to live out this purpose, which you can do in the longer “Leadership Clarity 2” course.

Your outcomes

  • You will have a clearly formulated purpose statement that is your leadership mantra – an inner compass for your thoughts, decisions and actions.
  • You will have “stories” that support, explain and reinforce your personal purpose statement, making it come alive.
  • You will have a starting point for a clearer, more inclusive leadership strategy that has greater ongoing impact.
  • You will gain more courage, because you now know why you do what you do.
  • You will become profoundly connected to a meaningfulness with your being and your leadership, which in turn will mean fewer doubts.
  • Your leadership will gain more impact, and will radiate resilience, authenticity, clarity and direction.
  • You will have a clear sense of a bigger purpose behind your leadership.