What is the difference between traditional presentation technique courses and the “Impact Communicator” courses/programme? The main difference is that the traditional courses are generic, meaning you have to learn to apply “one size fits all” techniques on yourself and then work out what normally works and doesn’t work in your particular context. Also, it is often based on a critical approach – trying to correct what is wrong.

By contrast, the Impact Communicator courses focus on you as a unique individual with personal resources that can be activated. Also, instead of a critical approach, Roxana employs a positive, appreciative approach, working only with your strengths.

What kind of exercises do you do in the course “Communicator 1” ? There is a mix of practical exercises, including voice training, body language techniques, breathing techniques for calmness, energy exercises to get your passion going and so on. There’ll also be time for reflections, feedback from Roxana and the other participants. Many of the exercises are physical, because personal communication is physical.

However, the most important exercises and tools you get are the ones on stage, where Roxana works one-on-one with you. Here you are shown 3 practical, personal tools, tailored to suit your particular needs and your unique mindset, and which you can use straight away in your day-to-day life.

If I am a very experienced in communication, which course should I choose? If you’re experienced in personal communication, it’d probably be best to book one-on-one training with Roxana.

Many top performers and executives also engage Roxana as a long-term coach to help prepare and optimise their most challenging presentations during the year.

Sometimes, a group of advanced communicators come together and hire Roxana for a couple of days to train them.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you choose the best way to unfold your capabilities in full.

I am not very used at performing on stage. Is there any course for me? Yes! If personal communication plays some kind of role in your work, the “Impact Communicator 1” course would probably be well-suited to your needs.

I am very nervous when I communicate. I sometimes have stage fright. Can you help me? Absolutely! Stage fright is actually a mindset that has settled as body experiences such as stiffness, rapid heartbeat, sweaty hands, blushing cheeks or throat, legs shaking and butterflies in the stomach. These are all physical experiences and can be shifted into new, peaceful forms. There are some very powerful techniques you can apply to help you feel inner peace and develop a powerful, authentic stage presence.

Most people with stage fright are able to overcome it forever after just one session. Some people need more than one session, but it is definitely transformable.

Should I choose one-on one sessions or participate at a course? What is most effective? Interacting with other people in a group gives you a strong sense of your own capabilities. Group sessions challenge and revitalise your ability to communicate and interact with integrity, variation and authenticity.

Working in a group mirrors real-life interaction – developing and exercising your ability to shift key personal markers in a safe, secure, supportive environment – carefully encouraged and guided by Roxana.

You’ll benefit most from one-on-one private sessions if you’re a top performer, highly placed executive or key decision-maker who needs to maintain confidentiality and privacy. Or if you need flexibility about time, location and scope, and can’t tie in to fixed schedules for group sessions.

Private sessions with Roxana Kia are also ideal if you have an urgent requirement or some dead-important presentation you need to deal with.

Is the Impact Communicator courses the same as the “Brug Dig Selv” courses in Danish?

What is the difference between the courses “Impact Communicator” and “Leadership Clarity”
The focus at Impact Communicator courses is to make you become an outstanding communicator by identifying and unfolding your full power when in the spotlight. Roxana leads you through a personalised “boot camp” designed to bring out your unique voice, to help you find the oomph you may not even know you have and radically increase your authenticity and ability to engage.

Leadership Clarity courses bring forward your deeper purpose as a leader, business executive or other kind of “front runner”. It involves revealing and grasping an inner personal compass that you can use to navigate and to guide your actions in the world. It will help you navigate through the fog of complexity and you will have a stronger impact in everything you do.

This kind of “personal compass” enables you to make clear, authentic decisions, and helps provide you with a solid, authentic basis from which your unique leadership style, your priorities and your contributions all derive.

Leadership Clarity courses are all about leading with clarity – discovering, reinforcing and revitalising the deep purpose and intentions behind your leadership capabilities.

What is the difference between the “Impact Communicator” courses and the and “Impact Communicator” programme?
The Impact Communicator courses (IC1, IC2, IC3) are separate courses that you can attend. If you register for all three at once, you will sign up for the Impact Communicator programme, which is a sequence of learning objectives, building up your authentic impact in both your communication and your personal leadership, integrating it as whole.