Get inspired, challenged and boosted!

Keynote speaks by Roxana Kia are an ideal way to energise, inspire and motivate key groups towards a radical transformation of their capabilities – whether individually, as a team or as a whole organisation.

Roxana’s speaks are an ideal way to inspire, invigorate and encourage gatherings keen to launch or revitalise re-alignment, transformation or development processes.

Such speaks normally vary in duration from 1–4 hours.

If you and/or your organisation are interested in a Roxana Kia keynote speak tailored to a specific purpose or the needs of a specific event or audience, please get in touch.

Here are 4 examples of popular topics to help you shine and stand out:

Impact through your personal leadership
Increase your own wellbeing as well as improving your ability to create spot-on results.

Boost the authenticity in your communication
Learn to ignite, engage and move your audience.

Your inner leadership compass
Learn to navigate through the fog of complexity.

Burn bright without burning out!
Reach ambitious results with effortless performance.

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