Leadership is communication.
Powerful, authentic communication is personal.

What’s the set-up?

Depending on your ambition, the programme can be designed as shorter breakthrough sessions or a longer, module-based transformational programme.

No matter which format you choose, you will get personal-to-you tools that you can implement in your communication the very next day.

We spend much of our training in “on stage” situations and exercises. These carefully curated sessions are a product of Roxana Kia’s decades of training and research in acting, energy work, psychology, leadership and communication, and her unique ability to read and bring out your strengths.

You’ll interact one-on-one with Roxana in an intimate group setting. This interaction gives you a strong sense of your own capabilities. Working in a group setting mirrors real-life interaction – developing and exercising your ability to shift key personal markers in a safe, secure, supportive environment – carefully encouraged and guided by Roxana.

For individuals and teams

Leadership is communication
Powerful, authentic communication is personal.

The Impact Communicator programme allows you to be who you really are and to use this core realisation in a dynamic, creative way to capture your audience’s attention so that you become heard, seen and felt as a speaker, leader, or presenter. It’s an ideal transformational programme for teams of top executives, high-focus performers, and other speakers for whom it’s vital to captivate, energise and inspire in a memorable – yet credible and authentic – way.

Move people
Learn to truly master your communication to touch and inspire others on a multidimensional level: mentally, emotionally, physically and soulfully. In the long run, it’s always the personal sense of authen­ticity, inspiration and enthusiasm that wins the hearts and minds of other people.

As a leader, we mainly create results through other people, and it’s absolutely essential to have access to our full capacity when communicating.
It can for example be when facilitating meetings, holding presentations, leading conferences, performing in the media, participating in job interviews or holding staff meetings.
Authenticity is the core matter in your presence, being the most important quality you can apply as a communicator to make a true impact.

Be you – fully and powerfully
The programme will help you establish a vibrant, authentic personal resonance that’ll propel you into new realms of leadership credibility and impact. Training powerful, authentic personal communication is about releasing yourself from limitations so you can easily access your innate communicative power. Using these innate wells of strength and resources taps into the authentic voice of the speaker. When your presence and expression are rooted in this kind of authenticity, your focus shifts from yourself to the audience – right where that focus really should be.

Your personal presence is the strongest asset you have as a communicator. The Impact Communicator programme is a personalised “boot camp” session designed to help you make the most of it.

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