Evoking a deeper purpose in your personal leadership will provide you with an inner compass.

Impact Leader Diploma Programme

The programme is divided into 4 modules

Spring 2024

Module 1: March 06 – 08
Module 2: April 04 – 05
Module 3: May 02 – 03
Module 4: June 20 – 21

Limited seats available
The programme will be held in Danish
Price: DKK 76.000 + V.A.T.

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If you have previously participated in Roxana Kia’s Impact Leader 1 course, you have the opportunity to complete the training by attending the last three modules.

Please contact Roxana directly if this applies to you.

Lead with purpose and help others act with purpose.

Let the inner compass lead
as a driving force that guides you in all aspects of your leadership, decision-making and actions.

Get to the core of what matters
The genuine purpose is what gives the most fundamental meaning and perspective to everything you do – on personal, family and professional levels.

Anyone who operates on such a strong basis is able to act with exceptional clarity, conviction and credibility, inspire colleagues, staff and superiors, build authentic communication, and establish long-term trust in relationships.

Balance energy

Learn to balance your own energy, leading yourself with care in a time of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.
Be a source of inspiration and drive for other people, by being a rolemodel.

Diploma programme Impact Leader

I help you power-out your purpose to drive your leadership, your communication and the difference you aim to make – fully embodied in who you are and what you do.
We identify and grasp your inner compass that you can use to navigate through the fog of complexity and guide your leadership decisions and actions in the world in general.

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