Evoking a deeper purpose in your personal leadership will provide you with an inner compass.

What’s the setup?

Depending on your ambition, the programme can be designed as shorter breakthrough sessions or a longer, module-based transformational programme.

Lead with purpose and help others act with purpose.

Times are changing
The days of glorious isolation in a magnificent corner office are gone. Management only by spreadsheet, authoritarianism and imperious infallibility is over.

The days of leading by pure financial incentives are gone too. Colleagues and subordinates and even customers are looking for much more – for meaning, impact, inspiration.

Get human

That’s why it’s critical that we as leaders are able to embrace the human aspect – the “soul” – of what leadership is really about. Not only to retain our employees and customers but also to consciously contribute to an inspiring working space.

  • We need to be inspirational.
  • We need to bring meaning to work, knowing and showing people where the deeper purpose lies.
  • We need to transcend our job descriptions and connect to people in contexts they themselves feel are honest and relevant.

Balance energy

We also need to balance our own energy as leaders, leading ourselves with care in a time of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

How can we act as leaders and sources of inspiration and drive for other people, if we ourselves don’t have the answers or solutions? How do we navigate through the fog of complexity, while maintaining clarity and integrity?

Impact Leader
I can help you power-out your purpose to drive your leadership, your communication and the difference you aim to make.

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