Present your next strategy in a TED Talk format to truly get people onboard.

TED Talks ring people’s bells!

Let Roxana Kia coach you to a TED Talk-style impact
Present your next strategy or new idea using the world-famous TED Talk format!
Make your presentations memorable, engaging and intensely personal – let Roxana Kia coach you to successful TED Talk-style impacts.

Be bold – dive in
The well-known TED Talk format helps you get noticed – and remembered – because it focuses on one single idea, message or story.

These sessions work so well because they build and transmit just one key idea at a time, so everyone in the audience registers it and remembers it. This is why they’re ideal for presenting and putting over important messages aimed at changing how people think, and that can mould and motivate their actions now and into the future.

Make use of the TED Talk-style format whenever you have a key idea and want to get it honed to perfection, to turn up the impact level and to supercharge your success rate.

Rock the presentation format
I help, coach and train people to make important presentations with exceptional, memorable impact.

If you have a breakthrough idea, a new strategy, a new set of mission/vision statements or an inspirational purpose that you want to communicate to the world at full value, let me help you deliver it in a way that’ll be noticed, talked about and remembered.