Learn how to apply your authentic “personal power” to the screen to communicate with stand-out inspiration and energy

New realities, new requirements, new opportunities.

Web-based meeting spaces have quickly become a normal part of many day-to-day admin processes and business operations. Many people don’t find it easy to communicate and perform effectively in these new online environments. Most sessions of this kind have pretty much the same format, and there’s often an overload of half-bored faces and “just talk”, along with a focus on effectiveness that pushes the humanness aside. Virtual fatigue sets in quickly because it’s difficult to “touch and feel” people, their real concerns and how they actually feel.

That’s why we want to show you how to make your presence and your presentations inspirational, so people feel motivated and energised – and actively want to get on board with your ideas and to contribute to their success. But to do this, you need to be able to deliver a strong personal presence and project energy that encourages and inspires other people.

Not just another video meeting – new personal impact opportunities online
If you’re a decision-maker – or other kinds of communicator and performer – high-impact virtual communication courses by Roxana Kia are the most effective way to learn how to transcend the natural limitations of online screen spaces.

Roxana provides the crucial “burn through the screen” edge you’re looking for to engage, excite and move other people in virtual contexts via your own distinctive personal presence, style and credibility.

Using techniques specially moulded for use in online contexts, Roxana coaches encourages and inspires you to identify and cultivate your own distinctive presence, express genuine conviction and communicate your personal energy and commitment. Naturally, convincingly and memorably.

You’ll learn how to apply your authentic “personal power” to communicate with stand-out inspiration and energy and how to use the best kinds of digital tools to encourage and embolden your listeners to become an active, enthusiastic part of each online session you hold.

When everything in the way you occupy interpersonal space resonates with a strong, genuine personal motivation and a powerful presence, your message and motivation will be noticed in any online gathering – regardless of whether there are 5 or 500 people signed.