Retreats  can be arranged on a one-on-one basis or for groups.

Energy, clarity and inner peace

Roxana Kia’s retreats are intended to provide maximum focus on deeper, away-from-it-all contemplation to raise your levels of self-awareness and re-vitalise your personal energy sources.

The emphasis here is more personal and inward-looking and less on the commercial world of performance and results.

Those taking part in retreats learn techniques derived from traditional wisdom practices and recent progress within cognitive science and neuroscientific research.

These strengthen the brain’s ability to solve problems, ensure more appropriate responses in challenging situations and increase the ability to act with integrity. The retreats also feature simple tools for establishing and maintaining a mindful presence based on a meticulously selected mix of non-religious meditation techniques and energy exercises.

You can choose between customised, exclusive retreats or pre-arranged programmes by the HeartMind Academy – a separate organisation.

Exclusive retreats
Exclusive retreats by arrangement to executives and other decision-makers, deep-diving into techniques for energy management and stress control, for example a 24-hour individual retreat.

These retreats can be arranged on a one-on-one basis or for groups.

Please, if you’re curious about these exclusive executive retreats with Roxana Kia – or if you have any questions.