is the one and only quality you cannot avoid bringing to the stage when communicating authentically. It is a basic requirement for the audience’s experience of your credibility as a speaker. My experience as a trainer and an expert in authentic communication is that only very few speakers and leaders can truly activate this basic knowing in practice. Things such as nervousness, prestige, general unawareness, habits, too much focus on what to say, too much information or facts that has to be conveyed, politics or just not understanding the audiences needs, might stand in the way.

So presence is one thing. It is basic. To deeply connect to it and bring it on.

Energy in presence

However, what really makes communication kick into the next level, where extraordinary impact – the feeling of magic – can arise, is the energy-consciousness you bring to your presence. That is, the dynamic caused by playing with different energies.

Even fewer speakers consciously work with this priceless asset, although it is the actual key to create a desired magical stage-effect.

Most people work with traditional presentation techniques such as rhetorics, powerpoint slides, body language, how to stand, walk, talk, use eye-contact and so on. This is not insignificant, but not crucial. Not if you are aiming for authentic communication that really has an impact on the audience.

To shine as a speaker

We all know, the mesmerizing experience of having been captured by a speaker’s presentation. It’s like going on a ride out on an adventure, where you let yourself just be taken away. You are highly inspired by the different experiences you have on the way. You fully let go and have pure trust to the actual journey and you are moved. It is a space of exploration.

To create such a kind of space, it requires that the speaker understands that communication is a practice, a discipline that needs consciousness, training and rehearsal. It is an art form.

What I really love about my work as a trainer in authentic communication is to see speakers grow into such a consciousness and fully shine in their communication.

The way to get there is not to improve your presentation-skills; this can actually directly counter that goal. What it truly is about is to set yourself free from limitations so that you easily can access your innate communicative resources. It is like opening up an instrument and playing freely on it, mastering that particular instrument. You are free to use all keys on the keyboard to create music. All speakers have such keys as innate resources ready to be played upon on stage, in a meeting room or just in any dialogue. And when you do this, on top of having a passion for what you are talking about, really wanting your audience and having the capacity to play in the now, brings the light in the eyes of you as a speaker to shine on stage.

Using the innate recourses naturally evoke the speakers authentic expression. When we stand in this kind of authenticity, our focus shifts from our selves to the audience. And this is where the focus really should be.

The added value

The speaker invites the audience into such a space of exploration and takes the listener on an exiting journey. After such a presentation, the audience will stand with an added value in their lives or their profession.

The added value minimum always contains minimum three dimensions:

  • one thought
  • one feeling and
  • one action to take

They are moved.

So, to shift focus from you as a speaker to the listeners, the ones receiving your talk, you can ask yourself these questions in your preparation:

What should they think after my presentation?
What should they feel after my presentation?
What should they do after my presentation?
What kinds of energies are needed from me as a speaker to deliver this fully?

I believe, that each moment of speech delivery is a moment for moving people with the energy behind your main message. This is what makes the difference between a good speaker and a magnificent speaker. It is creating this movement.

Through the simple power of using the energy consciousness as a manifested expression on stage.