There’s a great misunderstanding in the Danish business arena.

There’s a dominant culture that presenting professionally means being data-based, serious, wordy, unpersonal and without body language. In other words: boring. That it’s all about the powerpoints, information and the great amount of words. It couldn’t be more wrong. It’s deeply ineffective and without real meaning.

I’m on a mission to change this. I’m all about bringing passion, authenticity and presence to the stage. Making people shine and inspire. And the thing is – it’s not so difficult!

To be inspirational, you just need to open up to this precise moment as the most precious moment – no matter what the subject is or who the people are that you are presenting to. Connect to a clear message at stake and share generously. Speak directly to the people listening. Go from being a presenter to a story teller. Capture the attention of the listeners with your own energy state. Bring your heart instead of only your head to the presentation. So that it matters.

Do it for them. Make them feel it’s real. Move them.

To do this you need to decide what they should think after you’re done. What they should feel. And what they should do. See yourself as an instrument for this and devote to it.

With brain, heart, body and soul. No less.

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